ND Furniture and Equipment, company in the healthcare sector, dedicated to the manufacture of geriatric furniture, and hospital care.

Our work is based on process R & D and design , having a team of recognized experience and following the most stringent recommendations of ergonomics experts, so we are able to adapt to the needs of each customer by creating new concepts and global equipment solutions.


Outstanding sections

We have great variety of geriatric furniture in our catalog: Beds, mattresses, sillas, armchairs, sofás, mesas, etc.

We present our environments rooms and common rooms for residences, geriatric, etc.

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Enjoy from the comfort
Our furniture allows you to create a comfortable rooms and a familiar environment


Jose Maria Lopez

“magnificent deal, professionalism, adapting to any situation, in their remarkable quality manufactured, good service. Transmitted familiarity and closeness, They know the sector well and demands the same”

Jordi Serrano
"Wonderful business relationship, close and efficient treatment "
Fernando Muñagorri
“It was a great success contact them, serious and professional company, a product for nursing homes equipment adjusted price and high quality "
Goyo Moliner

“and professional treatment, with always functional and quality solutions that allow us to meet our goal of excellence oriented our residents and caregivers…”

Jordi Coma

“Working with ND has helped us to create an attractive and homelike atmosphere, of which we are proud. They have always been involved showing personal attention and tailored to our needs…”

Naty Crego

“Quality at a competitive price and objective advice focused on the welfare of our elderly ...”

We are caring for people in need

.our objective is give them best alternative to improve the life to them collective special that more it need with an attention custom in function to their needs.